Security or Cybersecurity

Security or Cybersecurity


For us as a Managed IT Service Provider, starting security conversations with our SMB customers isn’t always easy. Often, they’ll be too busy and not have time, frequently, there’s a sense that they aren’t large enough, or important enough to be targeted by an attack. Sometimes, customers think they’ve already ‘checked the box’ on protecting themselves from these threats, or may be, that taking additional security measures is too expensive. However, a quick look at some statistics compiled by one of our primary security vendors, Barracuda, in their 2019 email security report shows the extent of security threats faced by SMB’s today and why they deserve serious consideration: -

  • 74 percent of respondents say email attacks are having a major impact on their businesses. The most common effects cited were loss of employee productivity, downtime and business disruption, and reputational damage.
  • 78 percent of organizations say the cost of email breaches is increasing.
  • Spear phishing is becoming more widespread: 43 percent of organizations have been the victim of a spear-phishing attack in the past 12 months.
  • More than three-quarters of organizations say their employees aren’t good at spotting suspicious emails.
  • 66 percent claimed that cyber-attacks have had a direct monetary cost on their organization in the past year. Nearly a quarter of respondents advised that attacks have cost their organization in the order of £77K, or more.
  • 92 percent of Office 365 users have security concerns.
  • 79 percent of IT professionals said they are worried about attacks and breaches stemming from inside the organization.
  • 94 percent of organizations say employees are reporting suspicious emails to their IT support teams daily, but 58 percent say most emails reported aren’t fraudulent.

Given statistics like those above combined with what we see through our own day to day operations, we believe it’s crucial that SMB businesses engage with their IT support provider, so that they can stay informed on emerging threats and what to look for, as well as ensuring that that they have the right tools in place to protect themselves. Not only do businesses need to know that they have a security solution in place to protect them from each threat vector, but they also need to be leveraging security awareness training to strengthen the weakest link – human behaviour. Regardless of where a business is in its security journey, there is almost always an opportunity for them to improve their security posture, so starting conversations about security with their IT support provider should be the first port of call.

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