Moving to the Cloud

Cloud Computing Case Study

Apogee Solutions Required:

  • An audit of their equipment
  • Trust in migrating Office 365 and the current CRM system


  • Basingstoke


  • 2019

The Apogee Difference:

  • Ensuring cloud computing is right for the business
  • Providing support when needed
  • Conducting an audit for all of the equipment used

Moving to the Cloud

XL Communications. A PR and marketing communications company specialising in the technology sector. The company had experienced problems with their existing server, which was ageing. They decided they wanted to move to the cloud. They wanted an IT company who could provide support when they needed it, and skills in cloud computing. The team had experienced problems accessing information remotely by dialing up through a slow VPN, and so they were keen to find a faster solution.

Helping the team to operate efficiently

We discussed their working practices with them and their expectations about the benefits of working in the cloud. Cloud computing is not suitable for every business, and we wanted to be sure it was the right solution for them. Having carried out an audit of their equipment and the way they worked, it was agreed that cloud computing was the best way to go. We migrated their email to Office 365, giving them a web interface for accessing email as well as their own devices. We backed up their server and migrated all the files to Trend Micro Safe Sync. This facility gives the team the facility to share up to date files wherever they are. We advised and helped them with moving their existing CRM system to a cloud based version. We managed the project liaising with existing suppliers, to make the process as seamless as possible.

Effective solution that enabled progress

Transition to a faster more effective network, helping the team to operate efficiently. Email accounts have bigger storage capacity, which is essential in a marketing based business, handling large graphic files. Files are backed up automatically on a daily basis and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. The business owner now has peace of mind, knowing his systems are reliable. We continue to provide support as necessary.

The benefits are more about peace of mind

The business was keen to embrace cloud technology to reduce capital expenditure and benefit from the flexibility of SaaS. Apogee Solutions offered an effective solution that enabled us to transition. They listened to what was required, they offered pragmatic suggestions, and they provided an effective solution. Every member of the team can now work on the latest version of a document, accessible from anywhere. The speed of access is faster that it was with a VPN connection – reducing the frustration of waiting for files to load. The cloud solution was about a quarter of the cost of purchasing a new server for the first year. However the benefits are more about peace of mind – particularly knowing the business critical data is backed up automatically.

Chris Bignell - Moving to the Cloud

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