Internet Connectivity

IT connectivity that fits your business needs in Hampshire


How do you know which connection is right for you?

Apogee Solutions provides connectivity solutions you need to meet your business requirements and drive success. From ADSL and FTTC to EFM and GEA, we choose the internet connectivity solution that’s best for you.

Below is a list of the common types of connectivity we provide:

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL is a simple, affordable solution for your connectivity requirements offering speeds of up to 20mb. ADSL provides an entire connectivity solution but can experience slow fix times.

Fibre To The Cable

FTTC delivers high connection speeds and is a simple connectivity solution. For smaller businesses, this can provide the entire connectivity solution but be subject to variations in performance and fix times.

Ethernet First Mile

EFM bridges the gap between broadband products and lease line. EFM is ideal for businesses needing higher download and upload speeds. It has quicker fix times and consistent performance that’s not shared with other parties.

Generic Ethernet Access

GEA uses fibre cable for a reduced cost and higher performance of up to 80mb. This type of connection is ideal for businesses who require a high download speed combined with quick fix time and consistent performance.

Leased line

With a four hour fix time and speeds of up to 10gbt, this fibre-based connection offers the best all-round performance. It supports the most demanding business-critical applications where internet performance is critical to successful business operation.

Want to see results from the right internet connectivity?