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As well as the continual customer need for IT Managed Services, Hosted Telephony, and Cloud Solutions, we recognize that in small and midsize business there can also be a requirement for other types of consultancy and bespoke projects.

These are some of the more frequent projects that our customers ask us to undertake for them:

  • IT Security

    It’s well documented in the media that there is an ever-increasing number of internet borne security threats, so having the right tools in place to protect the network – and therefore ensure your success – has never been more important.

    Comprehensive network security comprises various key components, all vital in their own way.

    We can work with you to ensure that your network is fully protected by making sure that you have the right tools and procedures in place to safeguard it. We’ll first make an assessment of your current network security and follow this up with recommendations on what improvements, if any, that can be made. We’ll then monitor the security and technologies used and on an on-going basis to ensure the best level of protection for your business.

  • Server Installations

    If your existing server has seen better days and needs replacing, or, you have a new application that requires dedicated server hardware, then we can help.

    We have a strong vendor partnership with Fujitsu, as well as being able to supply HP and Dell server hardware.

    Alternatively, you may prefer to have a Cloud-hosted server on the Microsoft Azure platform, or via one of our collocation partners, so as to benefit from its associated reduced capital outlay and the full range of Cloud services.

    As Microsoft Small Business and Cloud specialists, we can recommend and specify server technology that’s cost-effective, scalable, and resilient, and – most importantly – will help to drive your business forward.

  • Cloud Migration

    We carry out a large number of Cloud migrations for our small and midsize business customers because the flexibility, scalability and resilience that the cloud provides really can help their business to succeed.

    We carry out a large number of Cloud migrations for our small and midsize business customers because the flexibility, scalability and resilience that the cloud provides can really help their business succeed.

    Typical Cloud migrations include moving to Office 365, or replacing tape/disk-based with Cloud backups. Other type of cloud migration include moving file share data such as Microsoft Office files to Cloud-based collaboration suites such as Dropbox and SharePoint, as well as providing shared and dedicated Cloud-hosted servers for application and data hosting in your own private cloud.

  • Business Continuity Planning, IT Protection and Disaster Recovery

    For many of our customers, IT is critical to their operation, and downtime can cost their business thousands, or even tens of thousands of pounds.

    When determining an organizations business continuity requirements, the first thing we establish is the impact on the client of their IT system being down. To do this, we look at the various scenarios from a partial outage, to complete building loss and this enables us to help the customer understand realistic recovery times and make recommendations on how these might be improved.

    Once we’ve identified that improved business continuity is needed, we work with our best-of-breed vendor DATO to develop the right solution. DATO has a range of business continuity solutions to suit most businesses, giving you peace of mind that the success of your business will never be compromised if disaster strikes.

Whatever your bespoke project requirements may be, we can provide expert advice and deliver a solution that is properly aligned with your business objectives

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