As data-driven technologies continue to expand into more and more business processes in more and more industries, the threats to that data and to your livelihood continue to grow. In the years that Apogee Solutions has been providing Managed IT Services, we’ve built a solid network security strategy based around the leading industry-standard tools and best practices. We realize that stolen or lost data can derail a project, lose a customer, ruin a reputation, or incur liabilities that can sink your company.

For big-picture data risk management, Apogee Solutions applies a holistic, 3-tier cybersecurity approach focusing on prevention, detection, and response.

We believe the ideal security strategy begins with consultations to create and implement IT security policies. Then we can recommend the appropriate technical control solutions for your network, its users, their devices and your data. Finally, we can put the people in place, or train yours, to manage the cybersecurity policies and controls.

Even with the most robust tools and processes in place, no cybersecurity system is 100% impenetrable. That’s why Apogee Solutions specializes in recovery, from small or large disasters — natural or otherwise — which can befall your critical business data. We monitor your data around the clock to safeguard against theft, intrusion, corruption, or loss. And we offer data storage and retrieval solutions which guarantee files and folders are saved in real time and always available.

Contact Apogee Solutions Limited today to learn how our cybersecurity services can help you implement:

  • Firewalling
  • Anti-malware defenses and countermeasures
  • Email filtering
  • Hard disk and file encryption
  • Password and other authentication credentials management
  • Data backup automation and scheduling
  • Network and data recovery services
  • Mobile device management
  • Security and compliance best practice staff training