VoIP Services & Hosted Telephony

Having the right communications tools is critical to the success of a small to midsize business.

And the good news is that now hosted telephony has reached maturity, all your employees can benefit from feature-rich business telephony directly from The Cloud – wherever they are – and regardless of your company size.

With hosted telephony, your business communications are extracted from your offices and placed in a secure and resilient location, closer to the public telephone network. The result is location independence, allowing you to deliver business phone extensions to all of your staff, however remote, that act as one seamless system. Through providing softphone capabilities to the mobile, a single business communication solution is created that spans both fixed and mobile devices.


  • Cloud-Based Telephony
    Rather than invest in your own premise-based phone system, your business can utilise a carrier-grade platform that is hosted in The Cloud providing a fully-resilient, secure, high quality voice service. Connectivity to the public network is provided as an integral part of the service, with greater flexibility for the phone numbers used within your business (e.g. local, 0800 or non-geographic numbers).
  • Flexibility in Capability
    Not all business telephony users are the same. Some require support for multiple devices, voicemail or recording, while others may require Contact Centre capabilities. With Cloud-based telephony you are in full control of what services are provided to each type of user, ensuring that you only deliver the services that are required by your business – and without having to pay for the full breadth of services across all employees.
  • Extensions Anywhere
    Business telephony is delivered into your business through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), to IP phones on users’ desks, softphones on PCs, or softphone Apps on smartphones. This provides ultimate flexibility in where voice services are delivered, enabling extensions to be distributed across multiple offices, to home workers or remote employees using their mobile or laptops. Additionally, since users are not tied to a physical extension, hot-desking and flexible working is fully supported and simple to deploy.
  • Pay-As-You-Use
    With this approach to business telephony, the need for upfront purchase of equipment is removed and a solution can be procured on a pay-as-you-use subscription model. Here you pay for the number of users the business requires each month, and only for the capabilities that are required by each user. You have the ultimate flexibility to add and remove users, the ability to deliver services to any location, and change where those services are delivered as often as needed.

Stay connected – our Hosted Telephony solution can cater for all your communication needs! Let us help you find a cost-effective Hosted Telephony system that can help drive your success.

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