Why Choose Apogee Solutions?

We understand how pivotal technology is and how it can either help, or hinder the success of your organization. That’s why you’ll find we’re passionate about our mission to provide a comprehensive range of technology services and solutions that are fully aligned with your business requirements and backed up by the highest level of proactive customer service.

It’s also why we chose the name Apogee, because it means culmination, highest point or pinnacle. The word ‘Pinnacle’ means most successful, or admired part of a system or achievement, so we’ve used it to develop our Pinnacle Customer Service Charter below – it’s an 8-point way of working that helps us deliver on our mission objectives.


We’ll use best of breed real-time monitoring and ongoing maintenance tools to deliver proactive support for your organization. Our proactive approach means that we often spot and resolve issues before they can cause you any major business disruption. We’ll also proactively monitor all aspects of your IT security, constantly monitoring key components to ensure they deliver the best possible protection.


By engaging us, your organization will benefit from an outsourced IT department without the overheads associated with hiring internal resources. Also, our tailored, comprehensive support will allow you and your colleagues to be free from the headache of IT, so that you can concentrate on the primary business activities you’re best at. Finally, we’ll procure IT equipment for you, ensuring that you get the right specifications at the right price.

All in all, we’re confident you’ll see a great ROI from the added value that our services and solutions bring.


Our personal approach to support means that we understand individual user needs. We know how important it is for every client to feel confident that we provide the right level of support and deliver it in a responsive, professional and courteous manner for all their users.


We know that you don’t want the headaches that can go with managing IT systems. We also know that you understand the value of IT in your organization, and that it’s far more productive for staff to be focused on primary business activities rather than having to fix IT problems.

Having your own IT department is rarely feasible due to the associated costs and logistics. Neither is it ideal to only be limited to contacting a third party to assist when things go wrong.

That’s why we developed our specialist niche as an outsourced IT department, to provide your small, or midsize business with cost-effective, pro-active and fully-managed IT solutions and services.


As your technology partner, we’ll provide you with unlimited, free of charge advice, whenever you need it. You can talk to us about emerging technologies, budgeting, business process, or any other technology-related matter. Whatever it is, we’ll be ready to help.


We’ll also carry out regular, proactive scheduled Customer Service Reviews to ensure that our services are meeting your expectations and that your technology remains aligned with your business objectives.


We’ve built our customer base around local companies and organizations. Subsequently, our engineers are never far away and will respond to your needs in a timely and efficient manner.


Our engineers are experts in their field. They’ll ensure technical issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise any disruption to your operation.

We’ll make sure that your hardware and software are configured and maintained to deliver optimum performance – so that you can be sure that your technology’s contribution to productivity is maximised.

We’ll also monitor how your organization uses its technology, and make recommendations that will improve productivity even further.

Get in touch today and experience the difference that the Apogee Solutions PINNACLE approach to customer service delivery can make to your business!

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