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Connecting to a modern World of Work – The wrong IT and its effect on your organisation

Connecting to a modern World of Work – The wrong IT and its effect


Technology has saturated our daily lives. Due to this our reliance on technology has never been so great, you would be hard pressed to think of an everyday activity or function that doesn’t involve technology somewhere along the line. What was once a recreational reliance has now also become a professional one, and business owners are realising the benefits that come from utilising the right strategically aligned technology that is catered for their organisations.

We will now explore the challenges that the average organisation faces daily and what digital solution options are available that could help remedy them, or at least ensure they are more manageable for you.

This realisation from business owners wasn’t as gradual as it should be – the unforeseen circumstances that came out of the pandemic forced businesses to operate differently. The changes to the way we suddenly had to work simply highlighted some of the previously undetected holes in our workflows and challenges that had previously been left for a rainy day emerged as immediate problems – resulting in every business having to quickly adopt the most efficient ways for working in those circumstances.

Unfortunately, many business owners went out and spent obscene amounts of money on digital solutions that they hoped would be sufficient – only to find that they had made the wrong decisions or discover that they are simply not utilising it in the way it is supposed to be used to get the most benefits from it.


The wrong IT and its effect on your organisation

Outdated hardware or software can cause serious problems for productivity, functionality, and – by far the most serious consequence – security. With this being the case, can you blame the more tech savvy members of your team for finding their own solutions to their problems? As good as it sounds, this is never a good idea, because you will have no control over the security or management of these ‘home bought’ solutions which could result in them being a severe security risk to your business.

To achieve long-term and prolonged business success and prosperity you must first find a way of always guaranteeing business functionality no matter the circumstances. This can only be achieved by stripping back your organisation to its core components and fine-tuning certain elements that are holding you back, all with the help of well managed digital solutions.


A digital future

Remedying these business challenges can prove challenging – the only way is to adopt modern digital solutions. This has to be done – you don’t want to fall behind your competition, do you?

We will be broad with the challenges we focus on so as to cover whatever industry your business resides in:

  • Increase levels of security – Lower the risk to your organisation.
  • Increase profit and productivity.


Why address the challenges?

  • Increase levels of security – Lower the risk to your organisation.

Security must be of a good standard, if you don’t guarantee this the likelihood of you becoming the victim of a cyber attack increases massively. The loss of data caused by a cyber attack could lead to the end of your business altogether or at the very least, reputational loss, a loss of clients, and revenue.


Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks have the ability to cause damage to your business through the theft of data and valuable information. These are just a few of the potentially disastrous consequences.

Remove the image Hollywood has put in your head – a cyber attack isn’t performed by a person in a black hoody and mask with 15 monitors on a wall, in a dark room. In fact, the reality is a bit anti-climactic in comparison; cyber criminals are just like you and me – just with a little more technical prowess perhaps. Some of the most common ways of being attacked are Phishing attacks, Malware, and Ransomware, as they have the most likelihood of success.

  • Increase profit and productivity


This challenge is one that can never truly be remedied, and we are always trying to make these better. Every business should aim to get the best from their team in the most productive way possible – doing this correctly will increase profit in any event.


Resource optimisation

Most organisations don’t use the resources at their disposal correctly or as effectively as they could do. Understandably, the last year or so has forced businesses to take each day as it comes just to survive. Fortunately, we appear to be approaching the end of the pandemic, but for your organisation to really move forward it is essential that you have a strategy designed around productivity and growth.

Tasks are bound to take longer than needed if you don’t use the tools you have at your disposal effectively, resulting in the productivity of your team diminishing as a result. Wasting time will likely influence the service you are able to provide to your clients – perhaps their product arrives late or the service they were booked in for gets pushed back. This could have disastrous consequences; with previously loyal customers taking themselves elsewhere – and then your revenue will drop.


Moving with the times

Keeping up with the times is important in every industry. Some parts of your workflow will, of course, stay the same but most of your daily functions can definitely be made easier and – most importantly – more efficient by adopting the latest technologies and educating your team around using them as effectively as possible. The right tools and their efficient use will lead your business to a successful future.

Addressing these issues as effectively as possible in your organisation will give you a real chance of continuing your success going forward.

In the following article we will explore how modern technology can solve the challenges we discussed and some that we didn’t. You should always take your time to explore modern technology and see what it can do for your business.

Modern technology to help you thrive

Technology is pivotal to your business and we want you to understand the value it provides when it is allowed to work seamlessly with your operations on the most updated tools available. Apogee values transparency and simplicity – we provide the IT support you need when you need it. Within this support is the guarantee that your technology is secure against all manner of cyber threats, that it is operationally beneficial to the way you run your business and is always updated to the latest version. We will work alongside you and guide you into a secure, brighter future with technology as your ally. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.