remote work

Where do you specialise?

We specialise in the provision of IT services for the SMB sector.  This means all our services and solutions are tailored to deliver a mix of security, functionality, resilience and efficiency that allows customers to meet with their operational and legislative requirements, whilst working within the budgetary constraints of an SMB.

What packages do you offer?

We treat every customer as being completely unique.  This means we never try to fit a customer to out of the box services and solutions.  Instead, we work with the customer to ensure that their IT budget is used first and foremost to target major pain points such as security, data protection and operational efficiency.

Can you provide an overview of your workplace culture?

Being in IT means there can sometimes be tight deadlines, with customers depending on us to keep their business operational, so a smooth-running Apogee team is crucial to our success.  That’s why we’re a tight knit bunch, working professionally and enthusiastically to support each other in the roles we perform.  Yet we also promote a healthy work-life balance, recognising that this is essential for team members to feel happy, refreshed, energised and ready to be fully engaged with customer needs.

What other values do Apogee have?

Social responsibility is something that’s very close to our heart, so we’re working toward the goal of donating 10% of our year, on year net profit to support charitable causes such as those working with children, the homeless and young people.  We also provide ongoing support for charities delivering medical aid and championing environmental causes, such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Smiletrain and the WWF.

What standard of customer service do you deliver?

The word Apogee, means ‘pinnacle’, or ‘highest point of’, and that’s why we chose the name Apogee Solutions, because our number one goal is to deliver the highest possible standards of customer service.  This is also why our customer facing team members are recruited, first and foremost, based upon their demonstrable aptitude for providing great customer service.

We are consciously incompetent when it comes to IT. Can you help?

We recognise that not all people have the same level of experience with IT systems, so that’s why we adapt our approach to provide the right level of support for each person, in this way ensuring that everyone can feel entirely comfortable each time they interact with us.

What does a good client relationship look like?

Honestly and integrity are central to everything we do. We believe it’s impossible to deliver the high standards of customer service we aspire to, unless customers are able to feel confident that they can have complete faith and trust in the services we provide. Our customers can rest assured that we’re always looking out for them, continuously reviewing their IT systems and providing solutions and advice that can be depended on to help them get the most from their technology investment.

Why should we choose Apogee Solutions?

Our services provide customers with peace of mind, because we go the extra mile to ensure that their IT systems are secure, robust, reliable and aligned to meet their business requirements. In this way, we’re extremely confident that our services and solutions represent excellent value for money, because they allow customers to focus on maximising revenue generation from their primary business activities without the headache of technology.