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Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps Get Overdue Updates

Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps Get Overdue Updates

Microsoft has fired out some updates to its Teams iOS and Android apps which make them far more useful for workers on the go.

The Microsoft Teams app for Android and iOS have just received a host of new features.

The updates are designed to make both apps easier to use and bring the mobile experience closer to that of its desktop counterpart. Of course, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the mobile apps wouldn’t be much of a priority for Microsoft — but, with workers steadily returning to offices and working on the go, rather than at home, the Teams mobile apps are become more important by the day.

Here’s a look at the new features you can expect from your Microsoft Teams app.


Microsoft Teams iOS Updates

There are three big updates for the Microsoft Teams iOS app and they’re all to do with how you navigate around the app and find the stuff you need to.

iPhone users will now be able to search for messages — admittedly, this should be have been available long before. However, you can also choose to order the results by relevance or recency which should help you find that specific message with the actions from the meeting you had a few weeks ago that you should have started already. You’ll also find that your app starts offering you suggestions as you type search terms. This should help you find results quicker and more easily.

The final update is important for workers on the go, however. You’ll be able to view attachments and suggest related files in the details tabs of meetings. This will make your mobile Teams experience far more similar to the desktop experience and should help you get the jobs done, even if you’re using your phone.


Microsoft Teams Android Updates

The Android updates, again, seem obvious, but should make it far easier to access meetings while you’re out and about.

If you’re attending a webinar, you’ll now be able to join from your phone or tablet — this should have happened earlier but, as they say, better late than never.

All your meetings — and even small appointments — will automatically be made online meetings. This means you can quickly share links with other colleagues attending the meeting or appointment.

All of these updates are available now for everyone to download.


Is Microsoft Teams Right For Your Business?

Microsoft Teams has grown rapidly over the past year, with loads of businesses adopting the software to help their remote workers communicate while stuck at home. However, while Teams is great for staff needing to share files and messages, it falls down when it comes to video conferencing.

Google Meet, for example, has better conferencing features such as live captioning meetings, making them more accessible. Google Meet is also easier to use as a video conferencing software and is cheaper to get started with than Teams. Zoom, meanwhile, offers improved security and better features than Teams and you can get started for absolutely nothing.

If you want to find the right software for your business, our quick and easy quotes comparison tool can give your business bespoke prices in a matter of minutes.

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