Microsoft to replace the existing Outlook clients from Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft to replace the existing Outlook clients from Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new unified Outlook client for Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. The new client will replace the existing Outlook client with a new and updated user-interface.

The new Outlook is expected to debut next year. However, the public preview of the app is expected to arrive sometime soon.

Windows Latest has reported that the tech giant is working on a unified Outlook experience by merging its multiple clients into one, something similar to what they’ve announced for OneNote.

The report suggests that the company has been working on a new Outlook client for almost a year now and the project is dubbed as ‘Project Monarch’. Which is also rumoured to be part of the company’s ‘One Outlook’ vision.

The new Outlook client is expected to replace all the existing mail and calendar clients which includes the native x86 Outlook, UWP Mail and calendar app and Outlook for macOS.

While the launch of the new Outlook client is expected to happen next year, leaks and reports suggest that the first public beta purview could arrive as early as next week.

In terms of features and changes, there’s not much known right now. However, a GIF posted by Windows Latest suggests a new animation similar to the web version for the new Outlook app.

As mentioned the new Outlook isn’t arriving before next year, the Windows 11 will come with the existing version of Outlook client and Mail & Calendar app with updated UI design like rounded corners and new controls and will eventually be replaced with the new version

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