Reading business expo

What we learnt from Reading business expo

We had such a great day meeting visitors at Reading business expo on 25th February 2020. We saw lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones too – all raring to chat about IT solutions. Lizzy and Simon were keen to let you all know how Apogee Solutions can take care of your IT management. We chatted about security, consultancy and connectivity over plenty of cups of tea. Simon even had to lend a hand to the event space to find a new switch – never a dull day!

Our key takeaways from the day

We had loads of interesting conversations with visitors at our stand and around the expo but a few key topics really stood out. This included the pressure to manage full IT solutions with limited time, the need to secure business data and technology, and not being able to approach IT companies with general questions.

Managing a full IT solution with limited time

A lot of our visitors were sole traders or businesses with one or two employees. They told us they don’t have much IT support and what they do have, they manage it all themselves. These businesses have a big workload already so IT is an area that causes them time restraints and issues. With sole traders feeling pressured to manage your own IT, we assured you that Apogee can take full responsibility of your IT solutions with our expert support. Our IT consultants create a bespoke package for your business that helps you achieve your objectives with the right technology.

Securing your business data and technology

Security was another big talking point during the Reading business expo. With more businesses making sure they have the right IT security, this topic was as popular as ever. Security, in particular cybersecurity, is crucial for businesses in the digital era. Your data and technology must be protected from internal or external forces that threaten your business. We talked you through Apogee’s comprehensive cybersecurity and Cloud IT solutions. Our experts implement solid network security strategies, data storage and recovery, file encryption so your business is covered from all angles.

Lack of full-range IT support

A stand out issue was the lack of full-range IT support that companies are receiving. We expressed that even if you have an existing IT company – particularly if they’re not offering end-to-end support – you can still come to Apogee for guidance. We assured you that we offer the full package, not just certain elements. If you require the full-service IT solution, we can support you every step of the way. If you just need a friendly team to answer your burning queries, we’re here too. We’re passionate about IT and want you to give you the right technology for success.

Why you should partner with Apogee Solutions

Apogee Solutions is the IT department that you can add on to your company. We’re outsourced support with in-house commitment. Apogee is the quality, trustworthy partner your business can rely on. We offer enterprise-level solutions that are affordable and accessible. Apogee gives you the correct security as well as peace of mind that your data is always protected.

How to get in touch with us

If you weren’t able to meet us at Reading business expo, we’ll be exhibiting at Basingstoke business expo at Oakley Hall Hotel on 26th March 2020. We’ll keep you updated on details closer to the time so follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you enjoyed our chat at the expo and want to discuss how we can work together, get in touch with us now.