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VoIP Case Study

Apogee Solutions Required:
> An audit of their equipment
> Trust in using a cloud-hosted 3CX platform for communications

Basingstoke, Hampshire


The Apogee Difference:
> Ensuring cloud-hosted telephony is right for the business
> Providing support when needed
> Conducting an audit for all of the equipment used



An award-winning, affordable SEO and PPC agency in Hampshire, Front Page Advantage work with a combination of B2B and B2C companies across 29 market sectors which gives them the experience to understand their business, define their customers and deliver to them a measurable ROI.



As a small business with 7 team members Front Page Advantage have run with 3 different phone systems in the past few years. Once they got past 2 team members, getting busier and busier they could no longer manage with a basic single number so opted to use Ring Central.

Large companies are often unable to provide high quality and bespoke customer service, and this was certainly Front pages’ experience with Ring Central.  Whilst the initial set up was very easy, Frontpage found that when they started to experience issues, they entered the unfriendly world of long hold times for support calls, being passed between multiple departments and ultimately, they became unhappy with the service.

After a painstaking experience, Front Page Advantage eventually managed to move away from Ring Central to a local provider with a bespoke solution. Again, it started well (i.e., just worked as a phone should), but then the system would go down without any warning or notification and Frontpage would only realise when someone emailed to say they couldn’t get hold of them on the phone. Whilst the customer service from the local company was great, it became evident the technical solution wasn’t fit for purpose.

After having tried to different providers to find a phone solution that just worked, Frontpage had become increasingly frustrated, especially since phone system problems are a nightmare scenario for any small business, potentially resulting in both poor customer service and lost new business opportunities.



Having spoken at length with Front Page Advantage, it was clear they needed a dependable and reliable phone system that just worked.

We explored several options with them and settled on a cloud-hosted 3CX deployment as the best solution to both addresses the difficulties they had been experiencing and allow them to continue providing the great customer service that their clients were used to.

We worked quickly to put a temporary fix in to get the phones working reliably almost immediately. The work then started in the background to move them away from their previous supplier and onto 3CX.

To a business owner, the most visible part of setting up a phone system is the routing of calls in and out of hours. We sent detailed instructions and recommendations on how to do this meaning they didn’t have to think about ring times before voicemail, call routing procedures, extension preference etc.



“We are now happily working with 3CX and considering whether to integrate with our Microsoft 365 Teams set up, which Apogee also set up for us. The guy’s suggested trialling how we get on with just 3CX before committing to the more costly Microsoft Teams integration. Their focus is giving us the right solution not just selling us the costly Microsoft solution which is testament to their high service levels.”

Chris Pearson | Director | Frontpage Advantage