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Going Beyond the Cloud

Technology saturates our lives in the modern world. Due to the power it has, workplaces across the globe are far quieter than they once were – remote working is now common practice in many businesses. Cloud computing makes remote working possible – it was always destined to become common practice in the workplace but it just wasn’t anticipated to make such a difference so abruptly. The pandemic is to thank for that, when business owners were forced to make changes to the way they work in order to continue trading. Many made changes to vital business functions that simply should not have been done overnight, because they needed forethought and planning to ensure success.

The many businesses that made the sudden transition to Cloud computing throughout the pandemic in order to continue trading are likely not using the Cloud to its full potential. But you can’t blame them – to stop the business from folding altogether it had to be a be quick transition. Constant changes to regulations around working didn’t help matters.

Due to the haste of the transition most businesses aren’t really on the Cloud but are, in reality, on the edge of the Cloud. They are using the tools they have to the best of their ability but are completely oblivious that anything is wrong. It is like riding your bike with two flat tyres when you have a pump ready and waiting to be used – you are managing but that is the best that can be said.

Most Cloud providers simply grabbed everything you used and tried to force it onto the Cloud, and, unfortunately, anything that got left behind in the process was just collateral damage. This approach was and is not good enough at all – your IT provider should work on creating a catered landscape for all of your vital tools that will allow you to work productively and effectively.

Most of our organisations have a variety of different tools spread throughout them, many of which are capable of more than they are being used for. You must use them to their full potential – in doing so you will be able to get rid of other tools with similar functions and consolidate all your operations into one integral system, meaning that your workday can run smoother and to a much better quality.


What should your IT look like?

Smooth business processes

All your business processes must be as smooth as possible – and automated wherever possible. We will explore this in more detail in the following article. Unnecessary steps in your workflow will simply waste time and money unnecessarily – having them decreases efficiency and increases the length of time it takes for your product/service to reach your client.



Connectivity is essential in the modern age we live in. With different parts of the team spread out all over the globe in some cases, it is essential that they stay connected in order to achieve the best results possible. Your IT needs to be well equipped to achieve this. Provided there is an internet connection, you should always have access to your colleagues no matter where they are in the world. Going further, your entire team should have full and safe access to the sensitive documents that they use daily when in the office – the distinction between your remote working team and on-premise team should be almost non-existent.


Access controls

With cyber security being such a major concern for businesses around the globe, access controls are integral. You need full control of your IT landscape, who can access it, and where they can access it from. Access controls should be set according to the team members station, for example, if they are a trainee that has no reason to have access to any executive accounts.

In the following article we will explore some of Microsoft 365’s features that – with the help of Cloud computing – can revolutionise the way your team work.



Modern technology to help you thrive securely

Technology is pivotal to your business and we want you to understand the value it provides when it is allowed to work seamlessly with your operations on the most updated tools available. Apogee values transparency and simplicity – we provide the IT support you need when you need it. Within this support is the guarantee that your technology is secure against all manner of cyber threats, that it is operationally beneficial to the way you run your business and is always updated to the latest version. We will work alongside you and guide you into a secure, brighter future with technology as your ally. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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