Take control of your data, devices and users

Apogee Solutions creates the ideal cybersecurity strategy to meet your IT needs. Our consultancy service recommends technical control solutions for your network, users, devices and data. We put the people and training in place so your team can take control of your business’ cybersecurity.

cyber security

We have a solid network security strategy based on leading tools and best practices

Our three-tier cybersecurity approach to data risk management focuses on prevention, detection and response. We specialise in disaster recovery that prevents damage to your business data. We safeguard against theft, intrusion, corruption or loss and offer data storage and retrieval solutions.

Our cybersecurity services help you implement:

Anti-malware defenses and countermeasures
Email filtering
Hard disk and file encryption
Password and other authentication credentials management
Data backup automation and scheduling
Network and data recovery services
Mobile device management
Security and compliance best practice staff training

Want to see results from the right cybersecurity?