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Outsourcing Your IT to The Cloud

Outsourcing your IT to the Cloud can drive success for small businesses. Cloud-hosted services are a reliable solution to your data storage woes. The Cloud is a readily available, optimised and efficient alternative to standard storage solutions.

Cloud IT management

Cloud-hosted services, applications and data are extremely reliable

Apogee has been deploying Cloud services and migrations for years. Our expertise equips us to transition your infrastructure or data to the Cloud.

The simplest way to think of The Cloud is to view it as a 3-tier stack consisting of the following services:

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS provides virtual hardware including computers, raw processors and storage software platforms. There’s no capital expense or ongoing maintenance and running costs.

Platform as a Service

PaaS provides resources necessary for small businesses to create their own software and programs. It saves you the cost of storing and investing in hardware and software that would otherwise be necessary.

Software as a Service

SaaS provides software and programs which are ready to use. You can run them remotely without lengthy installation processes or worrying about how your hardware will cope.


Generally, when considering moving key infrastructure, applications, or data to The Cloud, there are generally three principle concerns that clients have:-

Data Security

With reputable Cloud suppliers, you can be assured your data is safe. A high level of security backed up by in-house experts who follow the latest developments will put your business in the best position.

Controlling your information

Placing your data in the hands of an external force can cause control concerns. We ensure our Cloud vendors host client data in the EU. Your retained data is subject to EU data protection laws which are amongst the strictest in the world.


Transferring Cloud services, applications and data between vendors can be difficult and cause concerns about ‘vendor lock-in’. We ensure your vendor is reputable and well-established to improve cross-application compatibility and simplified migration.

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